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Your wedding planner in Sicily

Published on 01.05.2019 by etnamare


Wedding in Sicily: civil wedding,  symbolic ceremony or church wedding?

Today, it is as popular to exchange kisses, rings, and vows on the Sicilian coast as in Venice or on the Amalfi Riviera. Many couples join their hearts together in Sicily – it rightfully takes the second place among other Italian regions, popular with newlyweds, according to


 5 Reasons to Choose Sicily for Your Wedding Ceremony:











  1. Here, you can enjoy summer almost all year round. The Sicilian climate is mild and you can choose an appropriate wedding date even in winter time.

  2. Sicilian weddings take place among exuberant floral compositions for every taste and festive tables groaning with healthy and delicious products. You will be impressed by the authentic Sicilian cuisine, which seductively unites Arabic, Spanish, Norman, and French culinary traditions – most global cultures ‘went’ through this island.

  3. You will see the history with your own eyes in the rich architectural heritage and numerous monuments. Plentiful panoramic views make photographers and newlyweds feel dizzy. It suffices to mention the fantastic Etna volcano (the highest active in Europe!) as well as various locations of the island surrounded by three different seas.

  4. Your wedding journey will be accompanied by generous and amiable indigenous Sicilians, who will, by example, reveal to you true family values and show their reverence of kind and love. These people cherish their families and will be glad to share their marriage know-hows with you.

  5. Affordable Sicilian prices will allow you to live out all your fantasies. If you have a limited budget for your wedding, you will be able to treat yourself to more amenities in Sicily than in any other Italian region.


Let Me Introduce Myself: My Name is Anastasia and 

I Organize Cordial and Exquisite Weddings


If you decide to have your wedding ceremony in Sicily, you may find my knowledge and skills very useful. Long time ago, I used to live in Moscow and then I moved to Italy. I have lived here for 10 years already and, over this period, learned to be a mediator between locals and foreigners. Many couples need help of local wedding planners because they can take care of the whole preparatory process down to the finest details, which newlyweds often overlook.

Once I thought I would never be able to live out my fantasy of a seaside house with a beautiful garden. I imagined this house with a scent of love and apple pies. I imagined a loving husband, twittering kids, and amiable pets living there all together in peace and harmony.

Nevertheless, my dream came true, albeit partially: my house is located not at the seaside but on a volcano and is filled with a scent of lasagna instead of apple pies on Sundays. I lived in the capital of Italy for three years and now I live happily with my family and three beautiful daughters not far from Acireale (between Catania and Taormina). Now it is time for me to help other loving couples make their dreams come true!

As for my first profession, I was a technical and market support manager in the food industry, so I devoted my life to the art of complicated sales. My duties also included securing remote supply contracts, providing technical support and all kinds of after-sale assistance.

Do you remember how Dioсletian was proud of the cabbage he grew in his garden? This is how I approach my life now, which is unhurried in a typical Sicilian style but at the same time interesting and eventful. My favourite cocktail is mixed up of my family, our daily routine, and a job I love.


Why Do I Organize Stylish, Cordial, and Carefully Planned Weddings?


  • In November 2018, I participated in a wedding design workshop of the leading Sicilian scenographic agency Panta Rhei Wedding


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Un post condiviso da Anastasia WP #etnamarewedding ( in data:

  • I learned about Italian wedding traditions first-hand: I got married in a mixed church ceremony (I am an Orthodox Christian and my husband is a Catholic), participated in dozens of weddings of my friends and acquaintances, organized events with my trusted partners.
  • Being an empathetic person, I can intuitively comprehend a wedding conception from my client’s imagination.
  • I consider the couple’s preferences and present my inventive ideas (see my portfolio).
  • I am considerate and subtle; you will not find services which are profitable for me and unacceptable for you among your wedding costs.
  • My mediation experience with European contractors and understanding of the Sicilian mindset give me numerous advantages in wedding coordination. My clients enjoy the most convenient cooperation terms, essential accounting in several languages, and high reliability of the services provided.
  • You will be able to avoid all possible traps and pitfalls as well as inefficient contractors.
  • My knowledge of local venues and lease specifics allows me to find the best accommodation options for my clients, using my personal host database as well as well-known aggregators.
  • I am able to take on important tasks without disturbing the newlyweds, allowing them to relax and enjoy the festive extravaganza of their special day.
  • Every smallest detail of this important day will be under control. You can read about the quality of my weddings in the reviews of other happy couples on my business page:
  • The budget plays a secondary role: I organize simple ceremonies from €1000 as well as premium weddings with the best Sicilian and Italian contractors. As a result, your wedding will come up to your expectations – you will get that picture, those feelings, and that state of harmony with your best half which you will have anticipated.


Sample Prices for Organizing a Wedding in Sicily:

  • renting a premium villa for celebration and accommodation of a small group of people – from €50 per bedroom per day + extra for catering (from €100 approximately);
  • renting a middle-class residence for guests – from €20 per person per day (depending on the season);
  • renting a wedding venue (villas, beautiful gardens, castles) for a photoshoot or ceremony: from €100 (there are free venues as well).
  • renting an old castle for a civil ceremony – from €500;
  • on-site catering with any menu (meat, fish, vegetarian, gluten-free, mixed, children’s, etc.) – from €80 per person (depending on the number of people);
  • a photoshoot – from €120* per hour + transfer to the location;
  • renting a drone with an operator – from €180;
  • an English-speaking hairdresser / makeup artist – from €200 for the bride’s complete look, from €70 for guests (evening makeup and hairstyle) + extra for petrol;
  • a bridal bouquet – from €50; a wedding arch – from €250; flower decoration of the table and wedding location – depending on the flowers and season (from €50-60 per composition);
  • renting a DJ console with speakers without a DJ – from €150;
  • an English-speaking DJ – from €400; a local Italian DJ – from € 300 per evening; a DJ + SAX – from €600 for a wedding.
  • live music for the ceremony (violin, saxophone, cello, etc.) – from €200;
  • transfers – from €60;
  • professional translation services during the ceremony (an accredited translator) – from €100 for 2 hours;
  • renting a sailing yacht for a photoshoot or romantic cruise (with or without dinner on board) – from €770 per day / max. 12 persons;
  • renting a private jet for a photoshoot, an air tour over the volcano and Taormina, or for airdropping petals – by agreement;
  • bonbonnieres for guests (traditional presents for guests from the newlyweds) – from €1 per piece;
  • a traditional Sicilian quartet (local folklore, songs from The Godfather, etc.) – from €500 per evening;
  • a civil ceremony with the necessary paperwork (venue not included) – by agreement;
  • a master of ceremonies for conducting a personalized ceremony, including composing a personal text for the couple (with a unity sand, rose, or fire ritual in 1, 2, or 3 languages RU-IT-ENG) – from €300;
  • wedding planner and/or coordinator services – by agreement, depending on the services provided;
  • a 2019 novelty! a custom-painted water-color certificate  – €80;
  • a Sicilian fertility and abundance talisman – as a present for the newlyweds!


*these starting prices are guaranteed only if the vendor is available for your date.



Free dream wedding advice:


whatsapp: + 39-3346487734


You can find my basic portfolio on my Facebook page or get the full version by sending a request:



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